Boxing is for women!

Boxing is for women!

Me, as a female with extremely long fingernails, which they will not shorten it for the world of boxing as a sport was never interested. More specifically, a type of person who in another life would not have been able to inflict pain, thus not to hit others. After I did a very explosive temper, quick plan, but also calm down quickly. Also, after playing the piano and dance, not to my mind I never thought that I would ever want to box.

Also, I constantly felt good enough to box, fast enough, I find myself as the clamsiest person in the world, I find that I am weak, I believe that I have the stamina and strength, that I can not and do not know how. Quite accidentally, after a fit boxing (fitness-boxing version) came to boxing. I realized that I was a woman, and that, God forbid, is not so bad to learn some moves.

Since I’ve been in this boxing fit learned some moves, punches, and I saw that I can not box with all the nails, I said to myself, “Go try it, you have nothing to lose, you can only get it, if nothing else, You’ll laugh his clumsiness and someone You’ll make your day the same. ” She shook me unseen porch on the first day when I came to boxing as far as the shape, it was a very, very high level, but I knew even the distinction between “hooks, uppercuts and directors, as well as slip-slip-slides. “what I’m extra confidence a boost. What I was frightened and was an obstacle to their own insecurity, stereotyping of stereotypes and prejudices that boxing is not for girls, that I’m too small, too soft, and so on. Also, it did not help that my coach Mujo Bajrović, six-time champion of Yugoslavia in boxing, as well as to being an only woman there. I immediately confronted with prejudices like “what are you going to boxing, go cook lunch, funny how you do with so many nails, you see how poor, should beat a woman (albeit jokingly said), you’ll get a spanking, and sexist jokes type “first knock you out, but you situate it quiet …”, and so on. “all in all, as time went by, I became all the better … also, million times the coach corrected me, but when I realized that corrects and more experienced fighters then I really started to believe in myself and that I toil and work and sticking to be able to achieve the level that I want. As the weakest link there, I had to x times more to bother the others, I did not allow myself to be a woman in training, but I’m shoulder to shoulder with the boys doing pushups men, often more pushups of them, sit-ups, etc. In no way, except for the height and weight low I was less important nor less than men, and by the size of the breasts we sllčni There were moments when I really did not have faith in myself, when I was questioning what is it to me, why am I doing this, but we will still be too strong and not let me give up, not even weary at one time. There are red and sparinzi, of course, with other men, even the coach. As I already said, I still have more than others to bother, but I realized I can not be withdrawn nor surrender, never, not in a box, not in life! I love the element of surprise and to them my size is misleading. What I small, does not mean you do not hit like a beast, even call me the pitbull, but I’m serious on account of those songs that I was “a little pitbull-terrier”, and often not allowed to spar with me. I realized that my power over other men still missing, but that I can improve my technique, speed, endurance ones applied- precisely to have the strength that I set as many shots. And it’s much better than just power. While they try to hit me again, I told them already dealt 10 or more strokes. Through boxing constantly move their limits, a sack me sooooo relaxed and exhausted during training all so much joking, talking about everything, kidding each other, learn new moves and constructive advise other so that they were as good as possible. Boxing has helped me to tighten the body and to get new muscles to shoot with confidence and positive energy to believe in yourself and your ability to be at any one time do not feel inferior, but that fear is an emotion that is not necessarily negative and that we all feel, even Tyson in one piston saying that he feels fear, but that is the key to success is a strong will.


Finally it came to boxing by a woman who is 10 years older than me, but she’s an experienced fighter-6 years of training, and I was then only a month, and she had both matches. We begin sparring, coach told us without contact, which means that we should not touch one another glove, but may not be practical impact, because we do not have any protection. Of course, female vanity is made that we must inflict a lot of bumps and to show me who’s the older and more experienced. All the time I received, namely receiving the blows. I tried to defend myself, but really there was no chance of that. But I gave up, I knew it would come, and my 5 minutes. Every movement I remembered her, I watched her body, speech, movement, speed, power, etc., and of course, I would not be me that I had not dealt a strong blow to the chin, stitch, which it very much, but not really hurt. (I would never intentionally inflicted such a blow, but since she is nothing less of me to hit, I wanted to show her that it failed to break my will and that I’m not stupid, but to study its movements, mainly because all we have already settled movements and rarely when changing the stencil strokes). She was surprised by what I managed to do some of it back, and what did I so weak as I do, and she said it was better without contact. After that we increasingly sparring and I became better and better, I received blows, but until you take the hit, and you feel that it hurts, you do not even know to defend yourself. Boxing helped me and to be maximally concentrated, and after practice I like a little pussy. Before the training, I admit, I go often to run, so I would not lose shape, which is very important for boxing, and to wake up, to raise myself a little adrenaline and testosterone, and listen to motivational type songs from “Rocky” or “Never back down “.

One day I accidentally watched clip in which Tyson talks about fear, as he feels that it is important psychologically crushed opponents. When the woman came back to boxing after a two month pause, but in these 2 months I was maximally improved, I decided to try Tyson’s methods. This woman is still in fantastic shape, with professional movements, technique, speed, but did not let that get him down to me, to feel a sense of inferiority, not only inferior, but not the feeling of inferiority, for a moment I felt very opposite of absolutely toga- superior, I watched all the time in your eyes, listen to your instincts to tell me where to hit me, and his is a power I was able to feel what it’s literally a couple of times she was the one who felt that fear and became inferior. Of course, I received-and I received blows, but she delighted as I progressed as far as I’m fearless, fast and as far as I got that technique. Also, no praise from the coach are not lacking …

There is a time and spar with the coach, because he realized the amount of energy you have, and you have somewhere to spend. By God, although faster than light, and beats as Sveti Ilija, Adam managed to knock a couple of good coach, of course, my confidence was above the sky, literally, was the sky is not the limit … Also, this day corrects me, occurs to me that badly hit directly, which is the most basic shot.

As I write this, while remembering its beginnings in the boxing, that I have 1000X showed that everything can imagine that there are not that “I do not know how or can not do that,” the only important how much you want something, a or something I do or do not work at all, overcome by a feeling of maximum happiness, peace, faith in yourself, confidence, etc.


I would recommend everyone to try this training to dispel prejudices and lack of confidence. Boxing is no longer just a male sport, women are even better and more enduring than men, and also do not need to listen to others when they tell you that you will gain weight because of boxing, especially not if you’re a woman. Coach teaches kids the training that we women bring to people the mat, etc., allowing them to learn from an early age to be a gentleman and respect women that we do not hit intentionally, namely that no one ever strikes first, and that violence is not the kind of solution to the problem.

Always after a shower after training, wear something very girly- heels, dresses, etc., so that no one could never train that spawns what Since this train, I had a situation where I needed a move to boxing. As I said, with my 163cm and 53kg, short dress and heels of 15cm, no one could have guessed what I train, but then an unknown boy at sunrise trying to catch me on the butt, and got a very quick and strong direkt quite right “accident”, after which the only refuge and apologized … Not bad at times to know to defend yourself! Boxing came another girl, just a little older than me, but it is very cool, we even came out a couple of times and it is possible that we will once business work, so I except boxing skills, acquired and very interesting company there, with whom I share a very positive news, and that support everything I do and want to help me, which shows how the noble people, and I can say that boxing truly noble veština- knock out negative energy, and when they left only positive energy, then and the positive things happening in your life, there are only positive people!

I remember that I babysit a kid of 17 years old and I took him to the training, and when he saw me boxing only said this: “Holy shit, there I’ll be there on time, now do everything you tell me, and I will I’m the boxing and would never say that you can get through these characters that are minimum 30kg heavier than you. ” Then came my boy to boxing, and I have a legitimate chance to beat him, if you piss me off, but that it does not consider violence against men

There were also comments on clips where boxing, like “no bandages do not know well to turn to what I just answered- when you raised your ass with armchairs and be sparring with someone who has a minimum of 30kg heavier than you, but for a reason there are categories, then call me. ”

All in all, try, this is purely recreational, boxing is a wonderful thing because you learn to believe in yourself, you will be calmer, happier and more satisfied and he will not compromise femininity-also has- when there is not dangerous, because they do not hit directly in the face, in addition to masks and shields your teeth, there are bandages which wrap  hands, and there is no danger to the joints.

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