What woman want

What woman want

As a member of the female gender, absolutely heterosexual orientation, which proves the affinity of men and of course the beautiful male body piece to be admired.
The men, during the Ancient Greek god of beauty, then the woman’s body is not placed in a beautiful, nor is it attached such importance to the pedestal of beauty. In ancient Greece, it was important that the woman’s body symmetrically, a man’s body was to be performed, very, tight, muscular. This “sculpting” the male body as a symbol of beauty during the Middle Ages a little lost in importance, when the same significance was given a rounded female body. Sculpted male body was a symbol of manhood, power, large amounts of testosterone and greater opportunities for breeding, as one of the basic necessities of life.

As in the animal world, male-male with pronounced masculinity will have a greater chance of fertilization of females, because it will certainly be noticed by them, due to the extreme body hair, big shoulders, large-scale hand-biceps, strong, and shaped chest, strong legs, strong shoulders and broad back. Looks like evolution has not led to greater differences in this very instinct of animals. (Of course it does not compare animals to humans, but it is evident that the pheromones and cocktails of sex hormones do their own that someone is attractive and that we want to have offspring with that person).
First of all, to start from the eyes. The eyes are really the mirror of the soul and love piercing eyes, like bright eyes that exude a rude, bold energy and vivacity, and youthful look, full of curiosity. I prefer blue eyes, al ii Brown certainly be interesting enough.
I like fuller lips and beautiful teeth and smile, because a smile after seeing one’s self-confidence and health, I love positive people.

Hair color and complexion me is not that important, of course, is beautiful when it comes to tan, but good.
I love pronounced neck, muscular, and because it shows how a guy in training.
To return to the key and očekivanije body parts, such as chest, shoulders, back, stomach and legs.
I like to lean and expressed male breast because opposites attract ☺
Also, I love the broad and muscular shoulders, because its strong shoulders can be seen that exercise and character that is strong enough.

I love tight and lean men back, really, because I think they are a reflection of masculinity and power, but also a reflection of how a man takes care of himself, his body and health. I love it when reflecting muscles and lower back. I do not like too lean male body, since this definition, except for aesthetics today, absolutely nothing means- does not mean that the man is strong enough, able to protect or build up the girl to and otherwise care for her and the offspring.
I like strong hands, forearms and lean, because I do not like that I have a bigger biceps than men. But I also do not like those hands look like balloons filled with water and that are not in accordance with the amount and the rest of the body, symmetry, above all, that I agree with the ancient Greeks.
Me, personally ripped stomach is not essential, it was really nice to see, but it is not decisive in the choice of partners. I prefer when there is little “room” over a strong, muscular stomach, but the stomach is not 8-pack.

What I really like and what turns me on to the maximum, are strong men’s feet. I love it when finally someone has stronger legs than me, and it is evident that my really strong. I really hate when I see legs like toothpicks in a man, and the shoulders and arms like Schwarzenegger. Symmetry, please! Also, it is important that with the thighs and strong leaves, so that all was well muscled and harmoniously at the same time.
And for the ultimate male backside, e she only does not mean anything. The woman is the one that should have shaped butt, but while doing the legs, or squatting, and buttocks will be better and with more muscles and toned up.
But honestly, the most important is energy, charm and charisma that someone owns, eloquence, too, does not hurt.
To look and feel was complete, exercise and the brain, not just the hands, as well as the attitude and self-confidence that is supported by the facts.

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