Sport and sex (female version)

Sport and sex (female version)

Probably most of you are wondering how training affects the libido from the female point of view. Libido is generally vital energy, or life energy into this, of course, that falls within one of the basic human needs of life i-need or urge for sex (mating). Is that not the point of each sex reproduction, but it is a discharge of tension, energy that is collected and due to the influence of hormones in the body.

We girls, we tend to be very self-critical view of his own body –
I’m fat, I’m thin, I see cellulite, my breasts are sagging, my breasts are small, one to me is greater than the other, my ass is small or huge, my hair is dirty, swollen, hands are huge, or limp, I stretch, I am hairy ( I have shaved yesterday, but every hair counts and destroys the mood), I am so tall or small, I, I have too much or too little weight, I did not makeup, etc.

These are the thoughts that go through your head girls before, during or after sex, and they just destroy your mood.
Girls who train and somewhat eat healthier foods have fewer problems with such thoughts, because the body changes as well as better- essentially no cellulite, have a limp butt, butt is lifted and shaped, flabby breasts or arms are gone, my hips are nicer and shapelier, skin is brighter in poziticnom sense, as well as eyes. For all these are deserving of happiness hormones released by the body during exercise, and by God during sex- endorphin, serotonin and many others.

The hormones that are secreted in a good workout, including sex are: endorphin and serotonin, testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, oxytocin … All of these hormones as a cocktail of hormones (alcoholic cocktail in this case you should not) affect the feeling of satisfaction, give us energy, reduce the amount of fat in the body, beautify our hair, skin, nails, our eyes brighter, the mood is at a maximum, the less we are in a bad mood, in the long run, the body is tighter and look better. Because of all these changes occurring in the body, we are appealing to others, simply shines, transmits positive energy and self-satisfaction, therefore we preferred sex (nobody likes depressed, unsatisfied girls and not men, but those smiling, confident, etc. .), notice us improve posture – walking elevating the head, therefore we are also beautiful opposite sex, as opposed to unsafe looking at the floor, laugh often, sleep better, eat less and have no need for the unhealthiest foods, and we literally themselves into bed, as far as we grew in confidence, energy, happiness, and so on. Also, we are flexible, durable, circulation is better …


Sport increases libido, so the experts say, and I can say that I confirmed it in practice, because I’m feeling bloated, listless, immobility, but “shoot” of energy, happiness, strength, decreased fatigue, negative mood, lose posture and digestion, I feel that I can achieve absolutely anything I want, but practice has shown. Essentially volja- motivation to train departs from the head, and the pleasure of sexual intercourse, so it is most important to have focus and be satisfied until you do, be it training or sex. In men, testosterone increases for training, and therefore have a higher sex drive, greater confidence, better mood, better durability … Imagine that you and your boyfriend are training at full steam, as can good sex that arises from such a compound … If your partner s not training, I hope that it will be-motivated by this text and you’ll have an even better relationship thereby.
Try it, and let us experience, I hope it will be positive as mine!

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