SIQ and the lack of sex

SIQ and the lack of sex

Sexual Intelligence is not something with which we were born. It depends on many factors, but as with other intelligence, and it must be a constant practice. It develops from childhood and depending on how we’re raised and how are parents, or people close to us, meeting our children’s needs for contact, intimacy, tenderness, love, meaning, if we were taught to refrain from intimacy, probably that such behavior will transfer to adulthood.

Sexual Intelligence or SQ, the notion is that ten years ago the public presented Grow Conrad and Michael Milburn, American psychologists from the University of Boston. The coefficient SQ shows how satisfied are you with your sex life and habits. What is the ratio higher, it is more capable people to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Bad sex life leads to a “chronic” disorders, such as lack of desire for sex aka asexuality, impotence, inability to achieve orgasm … which in the long run is transferred to the psyche and daily functioning, people are becoming more morose, nervous, unhappy, decreasing their confidence … More and more young people who are not satisfied with sex life, which due to lack of live contact, lack of time, fast living, the lack of communication live, but only online. Sex is good for both mind and body and helps to balance hormone levels, relieves stress, affect the good looks, sex has a remarkable effect on the mental state and the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. People with high sex IQ know what they want, what they like, know their habits, fantasies. Such people recognize their instincts, and sex is one of the primary and basic instincts and needs, such as the need for air, water, food, … Therefore it is one of the basic necessities of life, and we recognize the importance of sex in everyday life.


Psychologists claim that the attitude about sex is formed in childhood, and it is largely determined by education, parents’ attitude, the way we have learned about him and informed. Sexuality is developed depending on how the parents or people close to meeting our needs when we were kids – the need for contact, intimacy, tenderness, love …

Later, through their own experiences, slowly we discover ourselves and understand what we like and what we want. Sexual intelligent people, we can prepoznaćeti in that it knows how to partner with talk about their needs, and have some sort of sexual empathy, which allows them to feel the emotion transmitted by sexual partner. Sexual Intelligence, we can say, unites all the other “types” of intelligence, brings us a sense of satisfaction and relief. It is also key to the success or failure of one connection, love, marriage … and that includes, in addition to their own desires, you know how to “read” the intentions and wishes of the partners on the basis of looks, gestures, body language, smell, movement … The greatest enemy of development SQ are taboos and repression. On this subject he wrote Freud in “A sexual theory”, and tried, and more than a century to explain the importance of sex and sexuality through comes to explanations of some phobias, anxieties, causes depression and dissatisfaction, and so on. Very often we may be witnessing a girls have bad sex life because they are embarrassed to say what they like and what they want. Good sex greatly affects the performance bond, and therefore in most cases bad sex a reason to bond fails. Sexuality is not only the ability to experience orgasm, receive and give pleasure. It is also a story about us, our desires, hopes, and when he pushed causes many other problems. Men with high levels of testosterona- male sex hormones have a higher libido, while women with higher levels of estrogen-female sex hormones, are more sexually active. However, only from sexual intelligence depends on whether they will be able to “liberate” themselves and partners and reach their maximum in bed.


Sexuality is not only to be successful in sex. Sexuality can be seen in the way we present ourselves, how we behave, how to nurture your intellect, but also outside. For sexually’s intelligent people are also said to have charisma and they are extremely attractive. Sexual intelligent people will always be more attractive because radiate “energy”, which in the beginning and we do not need to recognize as sexual. On the other hand, women with a high sexual intelligence usually are the ones that you remember all your life. Those that are different from all the others you know, just because it is rare to meet. This can give you a confirmation all those who during their lifetime have been with such osobami, was the male was feminine. The relationship with them is not forgotten, and also, is not something that can easily be repeated with another person. Also, it happens and that you do not need to cheat its partners, because the essence of any good relationship is in the bedroom, and if you have a good or even great sex less will not fight, you will be more comfortable with each other, you will hardly wait to you see, you will think of that person non-stop and you will simply sow next to each other, and that energy is impossible to fake, and repeat with the other.

Casual sex helps to throw out the accumulated negative energy is not bad practice such relationships from time to time, if you are respectful. If you are with someone experienced maximum spark, passion and in ordinary conversation, if during a conversation that is not the topic of sex, imagine how you have sex with that person, and if it is mutual, and one can notice the body language, the energy that simply radiates from you, the views, the biting lips, if you have butterflies in your stomach when that person touches, it’s not a bad engaging in such protected (condom) sexual intercourse.

It’s bad for our body too long avoided or not to have sex, because we can disrupt normal hormone function, and the side which affects the mood and appearance. When it comes to sex should be put aside all prejudices and stereotypes. Sex is a natural occurrence, the primary biological urge and does not need to understand it frivolous. In such relationships, people need to do what fulfills them, without taboo.


It’s all bad that in the 21st century, there are applications where people gather to get sex. Poor is the live contact less and less, as men and women dumb to express their needs and desires, and when they express, it is very likely that you will meet them and do not be afraid of new experiences, should listen to your body, themselves, and be strong enough and the works, as well as words. Also not bad is not good to look for good sex, taking care of the body and health is important, not only because of the attractiveness and charm, but also because of complacency, that people feel, because you radiate happiness and confidence.

It’s bad when you’re in a relationship, married, and do not have enough sex, it creates monotony and kills the need for each other, between partners, or worse, when you can not tell each other what you need and desire.

Then definitely comes to deception, when one of the partners with smaller SQ, because when someone has a smaller SQ, he will not understand the importance of regular sexual relations, nor the maintenance of sexual health and potency, whether they are men or women.

Lately, rarely seeing just smiling girl, full of life, with a gleam in his eye, what is happiness when one is in love, and when there is a regular and great sex, which is not taking place only in the bedroom.


We are all on the phones, all rushing somewhere, there is less contact and very often notice how men missing self-confidence, how less and less care of themselves and their appearance, their needs, and since the sex takes two, it’s no wonder the girls moan about the lack of sex.It’s not even an unrealistic increase in sales of funds for potency not only in our country but all over the world, as there is less contact between people, the less will be the sex, if you have less sex, people will be less need sex and therefore will genitals fail to function and be impotent, because of lack of testosterone or other symptoms, due to lack of estrogen, which often causes depression, this is not surprising as a 2-century treat depression vibrator.

No wonder more and more people are reading sex novels or watching movies like that, instead of actually doing some of what they read, or left to the imagination but to think of something new. Emotional intelligence helps us to understand their needs and feelings, and is associated with lovemaking, because partners who are in a harmonious relationship, often to make love and relationship will be seasoned with love and positive emotions, than in those where the wrong sex.The point of this article is understand and meet their needs, as it will then be easier to understand other people, with more frequent sexual relations will be healthier and happier and the better you look, the worry and about their reproductive health and protection. Also, sex helps increase energy and stamina, and you will be better show in training, you will be fitter simply.Sex not need a lot of money, in addition to protection, this is a pity not to practice such activity more frequently, and with me would agree our grandparents, who certainly have more sex than we are young now, because they realize its importance not only to extend life but also for a happy life and good partnership.

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