Exercises for better sex

Exercises for better sex

Who says sex is not necessary condition, it has never had sex several hours, or more than one five-minute sex during the evening.

Sex, as a very important instinct and biologically, the primary motive seems very important role in our life, mood, self-esteem, health, and to the look and able to reproduce. It also makes and keeps our hearts healthy, affecting our overall physical condition.


As for the other parts of the body, there are (intimate) exercises and intimate region, and which is very important to do regular payment because of health, due to the greater pleasure in sexual intercourse for both partners.

Intimate exercises improve our sexual “condition”, and we can do them anywhere and anytime. The enjoyment during sex in women depends, among other things, the strength of the muscles of the vagina and pelvis. These muscles lose their tone over the years, as well as childbirth, as the body changes over the years. Fortunately, we can tighten that part of the body and prevent its aging.

Exercises for Sex “fitness” will improve the sensitivity of the region in a positive way and the strength and endurance at the same time those same regions. These exercises for women are called Kegel.

In men, the exercises help achieve stronger erections and greater control over ejaculation, which means that you will in this work when you need to be stronger, stronger and more durable, which certainly raises the mood and health.


Try to tighten the muscles suddenly, as if you were trying to “hang in there” if you go to the toilet. Keep the muscles tight for eight seconds, then relax. Do several sets of exercises with long retention, and you can do this all day, I personally have the impression that my lower abdomen and at the same time stronger and less due to these exercises, a feeling during intercourse is fantastic for both sexes, just because that region smaller and firmer.

Then try the same exercise, but in very short intervals. Hold tight muscles only for a second, and immediately relax, just to make muscles were stronger, and vežbice less annoying, like the other body muscles, it is essential to confuse this “bottom, hidden ‘muscles so that every time you change the number of repetition mode, the repeat length, etc.


These exercises can work in any position – sitting, lying down or even standing. It is recommended to do them interchangeably in all of these positions, in order to muscles used in a variety of activities, because it is important to feel these muscles at all times, so that you have control over them, as you focus on other muscles while doing exercises them.


Since classes do not require a lot of displacement nor time, you can do them anywhere and anytime.

The exercises that will tighten the muscles of the pelvis are useful and people who have problems with incontinence, premature ejaculation, or in women-the inability to have an orgasm, but all of this can make us less good mood, not to mention frustrated, depressed and withdrawn.

As with all training, do not slack in this type of exercise, and we all know how much stamina easily lost, especially when cardio workout! J


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